Neocortical interpretation of haptic events across brain states



During active exploration, the brain can enter different states. To investigate the principles by which the internal brain states affect the neocortical brain representation of haptic events, the fellow will use fixed sets of artificial spatiotemporal tactile afferent activation patterns and subsequently the haptic display across spontaneously or experimentally induced changes in brain states to explore the related decoding. Furthermore, the principles of sensory augmentation, and its dependence on brain state, will be explored.

Expected Results

Interpretation of haptic input features in neocortical neurons.


Host institution: Lunds Universtitet

Enrolments (in Doctoral degree): Lunds Universitet


Henrik Jörntell, Peter König

Presentation of ESR 2

Sofie Skårup Kristiansen

My name is Sofie Skårup Kristiansen. I am 28 years old, born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have a bachelor degree in Psychology and a master degree in Neuropsychology. I am interested in multisensory integration and the representation of sensory systems in the brain.