Active haptic exploration and manipulation



In this project the ESR will develop the haptic exploration strategies to maximize information on the environment using a robotics. For instance, movements along an edge will likely be favored as an edge provides more change in tactile information than a surface. To determine the haptic exploration, the various next moves will be encoded in a Marko chain related by the expected information gain, which can be compared to the chain of haptic by blinded humans exploring the same environment. Various criteria will be set for the robot, only some of which corresponding to the human behavior. Importantly, the exploration will for the first time also incorporate mechanical impedance and interaction force.

Expected Results

Human-like algorithms and implementation of haptic exploration for robots.

Planned secondments

ICL: to use predictive coding to identify stable representations

IVO. To learn about tactile user interface for blind

OSS: to work on haptic feedback for prosthetics


Host institution: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Enrolments (in Doctoral degree): Imperial Collage of Science, Technology & Medicine


Mohsen Kaboli, Etienne Burdet