High bandwidth tactile based sensory augmentation



In this project the fellow will merge existing technology in form of the feelSapce belt with beyond state-of-the-art tactile stimulation techniques. Usability studies will be performed with 20 healthy young subjects and an equally sized cohort of visually impaired. The project will use beyond state-of-the art technology developed by UOS to enhance sensory augmentation techniques Specifically we will use, in addition to single frequency pressure vibrations, AM multifrequency vibrators able to generate sheer forces. This drastically enhanced bandwidth will be used to relate information on orientation in space, distance to obstacles and the dynamics (approach/recess) of the environment.

Expected Results

Implement and test tactile coding o provide rich feedback with a wearable stimulator.

Planned secondments

ULUND: to learn tactile stimulation techniques

ACA: to learn about miniaturized display

IVO: applicationof sensory augmentation for intuitive user interface


Host institution: University Osnabrück

Enrolments (in Doctoral degree): University Osnabrück


Peter König, Rainer Stiefelhagen