Integration on soft substrates



To investigate various methods for integration of sensing/electronic components, developed through research themes 8-11 on soft substrates. The focus will be on soldering techniques and stretchable connections to obtain tactile skin with reliable operation, while allowing normal working of sensors and other electronics embedded in the soft substrates. Where possible the tools developed for integration of planar electronics will be used.

Expected Results

Method for integrating/embedding sensors and electronics in soft materials as in skin.


Host institution: University of Glasgow

Enrolments (in Doctoral degree): University of Glasgow


Ravinder Dahiya, Leandro Lorenzelli

Presentation of ESR12


My name is Rudra Mukherjee. I am from Kolkata, India. I have a bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication Enginnering, and a Master’s degree in Nanotechnology from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India. My research interests are in development of flexible and stretchable electronic modules for electronic skin and soft robotics applications.