Predictive coding of tactile information



Develop the predictive coding framework of tactile sensory information processing. An abstract model will first be developed by ESR7 at ICL, considering properties of typical tactile afferents during interaction with simple objects. Critically, proprioceptive sensory information from motion and contact force will be integrated in this modelling. This framework will then be applied first on data from experiments developed in research theme 1 and on data from previous experiments between ACA and ULUND, together with ESR3. This framework will further be applied to acquire stale representations of the membrane created in research theme 13.

Expected Results

Predictive coding modelling of haptic sensing integrating tactile and proprioceptive information.

Planned secondments

ACA: to learn about properties of typical tactile afferents

UOS: to understand the interplay between tactile data and sensory augmentation

ULUND: to collaborate on neural recording data


Host institution: Imperial College London

Enrolments (in Doctoral degree): Imperial Collage London


Etienne Burdet, Vincent Hayward

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